Mapping Violence in Central Africa
The Crisis Tracker is a geospatial database and reporting project that tracks armed group activity and conflict-related incidents in the remote border region encompassing northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo and eastern Central African Republic.
Abductions by Armed Groups
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Quick Stats:

Armed groups perpetrated 183 attacks in the past 365 days, compared with 235 attacks in the previous 365 days.

This represents a -22.1% decrease in attacks.

Armed groups perpetrated 116 killings and 57 abductions in the past 365 days compared to 69 killings and 74 in the previous 365 days.

This represents a 68.1% increase in fatalities and a -23.0% decrease in abductions.

Note: These stats include attacks by various armed groups, not all of whom are represented on the public version of the Crisis Tracker map due to do no harm concerns. Please contact us if you would like to request further information.

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Latest Incident
Killing · 25 days ago · Jun 22, 2024
An unidentified armed group ambushed 4 travelers 20 km north of Boromata. The assailants killed 2 of the men and looted 1 motorcycle.
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